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2021 Revolver Newbie Special

Any 4 Classes for $40

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Pole Technique I
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6 or 12 months

Virtual Memberships

We have virtual classes, workshops, and series from your favorite instructors for you to continue your movement journey at home! Not to mention, our virtual “community check-ups” a.k.a. “Red Room Rants”.



"I have been an RPS member for over a year now, and it is officially my second home. In the beginning, I took their newbie special just to feel it out, and after 2 classes, I opened my wallet for 1 PDA class, and before I know it, I became a die-hard member of this studio. I trained for my first competition with the owner Jackie after I completed my first PDA. It is the people, students, and instructors, that gave me the courage to get on stage. The faculty here is the best; they listen to the students. If you talk to one of them, they will make sure your concerns or requests are addressed."
Cindy Foong

"When I first joined Revolve Pole Studio back in 2015 all I was interested in was exploring something new, and maybe picking up a few new tricks, but 5yrs later I can honestly this is my home away from home. Jackie, Janna, and all of the instructors are phenomenal teachers and took me on a journey from a beginner to a full-fledged poler. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a pole or you’re an advanced level competitor, this studio always has something fun and interesting to offer. The experiences are great, the people are supportive, I have fun, and I feel good doing it."
Jerona Archie



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