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Shine bright like a diamond in our Beginner 4-Week Diamond series!  This is a great way to learn the basics of pole dancing and sensual movement!  It’s a wonderful opportunity to discover why we’re Home to the Sexiest Workout Ever!  Enroll now – spots are limited!

Four (4) consecutive Mondays. Starts on 8/05/24, 8/12/24, 8/19/24 and ends on 8/26/24.

Time: 7:30 – 9:00 pm.

Cost: $150

Dive Deeper With Revolve

Our Pole Dance Academy (PDA) is a progressive program to develop your pole dancing skills.  Beginner Level Two is the next step of our in depth 8 week program and perfect for the beginner to continue your pole journey.



Sign up now! Limited spots available!

Our next Pole Dance Academy Beginner Level Two series is on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM.

Unable to attend this series?!  Email admin@revolvepole.com to get on the waitlist for next scheduled PDA series.

Start Date: July 9th 2024

End Date: August 27th 2024

Price: $280

Host a private


Book a private party and let our instructors provide you with a unique experience! No experience needed!


Of the sexiest workout

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Revolve Pole Studio is Houston’s premier pole, aerial dance, and fitness studio. Led by award-winning instructors that are regarded as the best in the city, Revolve creates an environment where everybody and anybody can let go of inhibitions and let their spirit “revolve.” Our classes are designed to cater to all levels of fitness. We offer a variety of different classes to suit different tastes and styles: including sensual dance (Erotic Chair, Floorotica & Exotiq Pole) classes, aerial apparatus (Lyra & Hammock), pilates and yoga-based classes in addition to pole dance series and private parties!




Featured Programs

Revolve Pole Studio exists as your home away from home, a space to release and a facility to grow in a charismatic and innovative way. Though our doors may be locked, our vision to show up as your “sexiestworkoutever facilitators will not be halted! We currently have a variety of online courses from your favorite instructors for you to continue your movement journey at home! Not to mention, we’ll be offering virtual “community check-ups” a.k.a. “Red Room Rants” for you to vent, strategize and reconnect! And when we get that clearance to return to our beloved studio home, expect a welcome back party like none other!


It’s elementary, my dear Revolver! These series were designed with the beginner in mind; no prior pole experience is needed! You will increase your core strength, flexibility, and stamina while discovering a new way to appreciate your body and all its sensuality. You’ll learn beginner spins, transitions, and floor work.


You keep “advancing,” Revolver! It’s like you’re in “Pole College” now! You’re on top of the pole (and world) and nothing can stop you now! Continue learning advanced tricks and spins. Take your spin pole knowledge to a whole ‘nother level! We’ll challenge you with conditioning, more tricks and spins, and more spin pole!


You’re no longer the new kid on the pole block! You could probably teach those “tadpoles” a thing or two 😉 Get ready, Revolver, you’ll be challenged with more spins on spin and static poles. Intermediate Levels 1-3 will have you expanding your performance horizons and saying “Look Mom, no hands!”



"I have been an RPS member for over a year now, and it is officially my second home. In the beginning, I took their newbie special just to feel it out, and after 2 classes, I opened my wallet for 1 PDA class, and before I know it, I became a die-hard member of this studio. I trained for my first competition with the owner Jackie after I completed my first PDA. It is the people, students, and instructors, that gave me the courage to get on stage. The faculty here is the best; they listen to the students. If you talk to one of them, they will make sure your concerns or requests are addressed."
Cindy Foong

"When I first joined Revolve Pole Studio back in 2015 all I was interested in was exploring something new, and maybe picking up a few new tricks, but 5yrs later I can honestly this is my home away from home. Jackie, Janna, and all of the instructors are phenomenal teachers and took me on a journey from a beginner to a full-fledged poler. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a pole or you’re an advanced level competitor, this studio always has something fun and interesting to offer. The experiences are great, the people are supportive, I have fun, and I feel good doing it."
Jerona Archie



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