Pole Dance Academy

Pole Dance Acedemy 1

POLE DANCE ACADEMY (8 Week Pole Series)

Missed Classes and Make-up Policy
Revolve Pole Studio understands that life happens. If you miss a class, you will be allowed to make it up in any other comparable or lower level class before your 8-week series ends. No credits, refunds or extensions will be given for classes you do not make-up during the current session. If you don’t make up a missed class before the end of the session, you forfeit your credits. If you miss the last class in a session, you will not be allowed to make it up, so plan ahead!

Making Up a Class
Discuss with your instructor which class would be the most appropriate class for you.

***Please note that for safety and out of consideration for our students and instructors, we do not allow admittance into class 10 (ten) minutes past the start time.***



Level 1: It’s elementary, my dear Revolver! This series was designed with the beginner in mind; no prior pole experience is needed! This 8 week series will help increase your core strength, flexibility, and stamina. You’ll discover a new way to appreciate your body and all its sensuality. You’ll learn beginner spins, transitions, and floor work.

Level 2: We take things UP a notch in Beginner Level 2! Discover new ways for your body to move, learn more spins and floorwork. You’ll continue work towards gaining more strength and letting go of inhibitions. Revolver, take your pole dance to new heights!

Level 3: It’s time to “flip” things upside down, Revolver! In this series you will learn a basic invert and be introduced to spin pole. But it’s not all work, there’s lots of play, too! You’ll find that you can dance with anything, anywhere!


Level 1: You’re no longer the new kid on the pole block! You could probably teach those “tadpoles” a thing or two 😉 Get ready, Revolver. Intermediate Level 1 will have you expanding your performance horizons and saying “Look Mom, no hands!”

Level 2: It’s safe to say you’re not a freshman anymore. Intermediate Level 2 will challenge you with more spins on spin and static poles. This level will introduce you to inner thigh holds/releases.

Level 3: Coming soon.


Level 1: It’s like you’re in “Pole College” now!! You’re on top of the pole (and world) and nothing can stop you now! Continue learning advanced tricks and spins. Take your spin pole knowledge to a whole ‘nother level!

Level 2: You keep “advancing,” Revolver! Advanced Level 2 will challenge you with conditioning, more tricks and spins and more spin pole! You can’t give up the dance now…

Level 3: coming soon.


Have you taken a long break from your pole series? You’ve come to right place! This series is for those that have stepped away from their pole training and want to get back into it. A fun blend of conditioning and a refresher of moves already learned.

***This class is not intended for beginners. Must have taken basic pole series classes first.***


The class is called “Masters” but you’re more like a Pole PhD!! You’ve put in the time and hard work. You’ve gone through the levels and your body has developed a wealth of pole knowledge. Masters is designed for those that have gone through all levels within Revolve’s Pole Dance Academy and have mastered the skills presented.

This class has limited enrollment and requires testing out. Registration for this exclusive class can only be done by studio staff. This series has an additional cost of $40.

Please contact the studio to schedule your test out and to register.

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