Alter ego: Lacey Black

Tiffany viewed a segment about pole on TV and wanted to tap into a new fitness genre and started dancing May 2011.  The fire keeps burning for this sassy, jazzy instructor – pole challenges her so many ways and she is fascinated she masters anything with pole. As resident trickster, some of her fave pole moves include the Extended Butterfly, Cartwheel Ayesha and Shoulder Mount to Brass Monkey.  This firecaracker, Adam Levine-crushin’, yellow-loving Aries believes that you should “Never stop doing you best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.”

She has an extensive background in education and coaching.  Tiffany joined Revolve Pole Studio as an instructor in February 2013.  You’ll find her classes infused with sounds from Drake, Seether, Diplo, Maroon 5, Godsmack, Lorde, Miguel, and so many more.  Her unique brand of pole fitness will not only challenge you but also have you wanting more.

Instagram: @tiffanyathlete4 Email: