Energetic, Goofy, Analytical.

  • Started in July 2012
  • Why do you continue to pole dance? Because it’s the best creative outlet and stress reliever in the world!
  • Your favorite pole move(s) The classic Dip Spin, Flatline, and Brass Money.
  • Teaching since April 2014.
  • What has pole done for you? I’ve limbered up quite a bit and increased my endurance, creativity, body awareness, and (most importantly) self-love. Best of all, I now have a spectacularly encouraging pole family.
  • Your philosophy in life Live honestly, be kind, laugh often, and never EVER stop learning.
  • Your astrological sign Gemini.
  • What’s your favorite color? The rainbow.
  • List some of your fave musical artists I like too many to choose; everyone from J. Cole to Patsy Cline to Meg Myers.
  • I’m easily bribed with kindness and baked goods.
  • You go weak in the knees for educated men with a strong jaw line and broad shoulders, an excellent glass of wine, big cats, otters, and new music that makes my hips swing.
  • What defines you best: pole dance, pole fitness, or pole art? I have the most fun with pole dancing (just letting loose and seeing what shakes/rolls out), but I’m continuously inspired by the fitness and artistic aspects of pole. I’d rather by good performing in all three than excellent in only one and mediocre in the rest.
  • You’re on a deserted island, what 3 things do you need to keep sane? Clean water, a cell phone with full signal, and music while I wait for rescue.
  • Your guilty food pleasure Dark chocolate covered anything.
  • Wishlist vacation Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Southern France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, any and all Pacific Islands, Costa Rica, Argentina, Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina, the Lesser Antilles, and the list goes on…
  • What does teaching at Revolve mean to you? Teaching here means encouragement. I get to share my pole fever in a supportive environment. I pull my students into my pole imagination. Then I let them loose to watch their confidence in movement, body, and mind grow with their own imagination.  Teaching pole creates one of the best positive feedback loops!
  • What do you want your students to know about your classes? I want to push my students to grow and experience new moves and performance concepts, but the end goal in all of my classes is to have FUN! What’s the point in dancing if you don’t enjoy yourself?
  • Expect a goofy instructor that is addicted to experiment with pole, enjoys answering questions, and loves heard feedback from her students.
  • Let Revolve help you find what makes you happiest. In class, you’ll hear new and different music, find the beats that move you most, and the moves that lift your spirit all with good people that enjoy learning and having fun.