Silly, Loyal, Honest
Stage Name: Lola Simone
confident, sexy, unpredictable

  • Date of your first pole class: 2012
  • Why did you start pole dancing: For fitness
  • What does sensual dance and fitness do for me? Allows me to zone out, disregard all other distractions and enjoy feeling good and being sexy.
    Pole competition titles: 2012 Melee on the Bayou Supreme Division Champion, 2013 Southern Pole Championships- Dramatic Level 2- 2nd Place
  • My day job? Tax accountant
  • I’m easily bribed with food.
  • I go weak in the knees for chocolate of all sorts!
  • What “Evolve with Revolve” means to me and how it applies to my classes: When you come to our studio and my classes you will leave different. Whether you feel better about yourself, learn something new, discover something you didn’t know you liked, feel accomplished, meet great people, feel sexy in heels, etc.
  • What can you expect from me and my classes? Great energy, great music, fresh moves, a challenge, a good workout and most of all, FUN.

Instagram: @lvbnme709 Email: revolvepole@gmail.com