zany, energetic, cheerful
Stage Name: Bambi
fearless, powerful, commanding

  • Date of your first pole class: 2009
  • Why I continue to pole dance: My life has only gotten better since I began pole dancing. The people I’ve met, the opportunities I’ve had to perform and to teach on a regular basis, all of the wonderful students I get to teach: these are the reasons I continue to pole. I also seek to improve my own pole dancing abilities for as long as there are poles to dance on!
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • My philosophy in life: Always show kindness to other people and everything else will work itself out.
  • My day job: Currently a student at TWU in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program
  • Favorite color: tie between purple and greenI go weak in the knees for an Irish accent.
  • What I want my students to know about my classes: I like to make people sweat and to make people laugh at every class. I make up new routines for all my drop-ins and I’m down to earth. You can always feel free to come talk to me after class about anything. I think working out should be fun, and when you add a pole, it’s ALWAYS fun. I encourage my students to get in touch with their sensual/sexy/confident side and I try to bring that out in every class they take. I seek to share my joy of dance with all students.
  • What can they expect from me and my classes? A fabulous workout, and likely some very dirty music.
  • What does “Evolve with Revolve” mean? Evolve with Revolve!!! Beginning a pole class not only helps your fitness level evolve, it helps you evolve as a person. Students may begin pole dancing because they want to lose weight, but that often becomes the last thing they think about when it comes to pole. Pole can help them lose body shame, feel more comfortable in their bodies, and reclaim a sense of power and sensuality that they may have forgotten they even had. The friendships students make also lead them to become more committed to pole and to continuing to take classes at Revolve. Often pole dancing becomes a part of their lives that they can’t imagine going without. That’s how it happened with me, at least!